Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Flowers in your hair

My dears, I'm smitten.
Maybe it's my inner-hippie, but I absolutely adore floral crowns...

They are just so...

Youthful... romantic.... 


They embody a free-spirited vibe that is timeless and alluring.
And oh so pretty!

Coupled with a flowing maxi, or your favorite denim cut-offs,
it's a perfect recipe for summer-time loveliness.

And because we tend to have a song for most posts these days, I thought I'd pass along this treat
from The Lumineers...

I'd love to know...
Would you wear flowers in your hair?

Have a gorgeous day!



Monday, 29 April 2013

A bit of green

"Do you know what I need? To escape into the mountains, surrounded by tall trees, I will lay on the moss, and breathe in the scent of mushrooms, flowers and wet soil."

- L’ Échappée, Les Discrets

{Quote found here}


Friday, 26 April 2013

Because it's Friday!!!

And this is how I feel when Friday finally rolls around ;)

Have a glorious weekend lovelies!!!


{Image: Untitled by Nicholas Scarpinato and Kyle Thompson}

"If you want your life to be a magnificent story, 
then begin by realizing that you are the author."


{Quote found here, image here}

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Skirts for Spring

With golden days and warmer temperatures, there are few things I love wearing more than a gorgeous skirt.

So girlish, delicate and feminine.


I love these midi length skirts for weekend brunches and spring weddings. But that cobalt coloured full midi skirt and the floral midi skirt with the slit would be stunning for an evening date! 

For casual day wear or a sexy night out, I adore the sass of a shorter skirt. :)
Show off those legs! 

Lastly, I am kind of obsessed with maxi length skirts. Not only are they effortless to wear, but they elongate the body in a wonderful way.

They will also forever remind me of my Mama, and maybe that's why I love them so. Growing up, she was always wearing the Laura Ashley full-length skirts that were so popular in the 90's.

Do you have a favorite item in your spring wardrobe, my dears?

All these beauties are from ASOS.
It's taking everything in me not to break my cash diet and purchase one myself!

Skirts listed in order of appearance:

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

La vie en rose

Hey Lovelies, it's Wednesday!
You know what that means :)

Half-way through the work-week.

In continuation of our series, take pleasure in this life,
 I thought I'd let you in on my work-day mojo maker.

I've been logging a lot of time at my desk recently, and taken on a few extra responsibilities. 
My mountain of paper work is slowly mounting each day, and there are many t's to cross and i's to dot. 
Sometimes it's easy for me to get bogged down with the meticulous nature of it all, 
and I desperately need something to spice it up.

Enter in,
French music....

Instantly I'm transported to a Parisian cafe and cobblestone streets,
and miraculously the stress in my shoulder blades begins to melt. 
My thoughts clear, and my attention to detail is enhanced. 
Work actually becomes quite enjoyable.

{Yes I just said that}

I've been a long time fan of such artists as Carla Bruni and Madeleine Peyroux.
And of course I love the quintessential La vie en rose, by Édith Piaf.

My love of French music has even extended itself to hip-hop and rap.
And on the recommendation of my good friend, I've been listening to a lot of Passi and Mc Solaar.
Some of my colleagues have raised an eye brow or two, but then before you know it, 
they're grovvin to it too!

So without further ado, 
I'll leave you with a handful of my absolute favorite tunes.


P.S. Did any of you recognize that last song from somewhere? ;)


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Cash diet.

Since Christina and I are both planning on traveling for one month this summer and are quickly remembering how expensive travel can be, we've been inspired to get financially organized. 
We've been budgeting, scrimping, and saving.

And the weirdest thing, is that I've been enjoying the process, an insane amount.
Creating and adjusting a budget for myself has been making me giddy. What???

Part of this grand scheme, has been starting a cash diet. Everyone always says that cash is harder to part with than plastic, and it's also easier to visualize and realize the amount being spent as the cash pile dwindles.

Generally, every paycheck I divide my income between: 
bills {rent, mobile, visa}, 
expenses {transit, gas}, 
savings {both for travel and long-term}, 
and then I give myself a portion of cash for everyday life that has to last until the next paycheck.

Before I started this project, I almost never carried cash. I also barely saved, because I figured it was more important to pay down debt {credit card & student loans} than to put money aside. 
A financial advice article I read a short time ago set me straight. So, I'm saving, even if it's just small amounts every paycheck. 

My dear friend Katie put it best, "You have to pay yourself too!" 
And carrying cash and limiting myself to it, has been a surprisingly empowering experience.
Ah, the things we are capable of. :)

Plus, saving isn't so hard to do when dreaming of the adventures that will come because of it.

P.S. This expert's advice has been so helpful throughout the process. She offers a number of helpful resources and financial tips at her website and blog.

{Top image}
{Bottom image of a Soapstone Globe available at Anthropologie}

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Get your blush on

If there is one beauty must-have Rachel and I agree on, 
It's that blush is the bomb!

It's our favorite miracle worker.

With a swipe of a brush and just a touch of colour...


You instantly look youthful, pretty, and refreshed.  

It's a mandatory part of our everyday beauty arsenal. 
{You won't catch me leaving the house without it!}

Are you devoted to a certain blush?
Have another favorite make-up must-have?
I'd love to hear :)


Thursday, 18 April 2013


“And she is going to dance, dance hungry, dance full, dance each cold astonishing moment, now when she is young and again when she is old.”  

Anne Lamott

{excerpt from, Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith}

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wistful Wednesday

As we inch closer to summer, and spring slowly settles upon us, 
I can't help but be filled with anticipation....

For rope swings and watering holes....

For farmers markets, and vintage bicycles laden with wild flowers....

For trips to the cabin....

For camping in the great outdoors....

And of course the long and lingering fireside chats, with friends and family.

What are you wistfully day dreaming about?

Happy hump day!!!


Friday, 12 April 2013

Shake that thang

Sometimes there's just nothing better than a solid car dance.
I`m talking arms in the air, hips shaking in the seat, silly, goofy, and sassy.
Just as Christina and I share this blog, we also do a ton of other things as a pair as well. That includes sharing a daily commute to work; usually driving together one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening.  Often, we spend this time chatting about life, dreaming about hopeful things, or venting about the craziness we experience on those can't-catch-a-break days.

But then a really, really good song comes on the radio, and instantly one of us quickly reaches to crank up the volume and the bass.

Suddenly, dancing wildly is of the utmost importance.

I think it must be quite the sight. Being stuck in morning grid-lock, and seeing these two girls, moving foolishly about their car, having the grandest time.
That being said, we've been amused so many times when catching others singing and dancing enthusiastically as they drive past too.
These are my favorite people. :)

Oh, by the way!
This is another take pleasure in this life post.
Cause this is by far and away, an eternal source of happiness for me. 

Anyways, thought I`d leave you darlings with some ultimate booty poppin` music for your Friday.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

We're going to Croatia!!!

We are absolutely over the moon about our upcoming trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia!
We've been dreaming of the Dalmatian Coast for quite some time, and we are still stunned that this will be our reality in August.

{A week and half ago, we didn't even know this would be an option}


Our flights are booked, and our Airbnb accommodations are set.
Now it's time to ask all you lovelies for any suggestions you may have :)

Do you have any favorite restaurants, activities, or places we just have to see?
We would be so appreciative of any tid-bits you can send our way.

Happy hump day!!!